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Cheers to a Happy and Successful 2015 New Year from WritersOnlineClasses.com

It’s been a long run here at WritersOnlineClasses.com, and can you believe we kicked off our first class here back in 2006!?!

But time’s are a’changing, and Mary O’Gara and Diana Rowe, co-owners of WritersOnlineClassees.com, have decided to regroup and re-imagine our vision of online classes and instruction.  We took a hiatus in 2014 to work on a new and bettter platform to learn.

Thanks to our faithful students who returned month after month to take classes from our top-notch instructors.   For those who are on our mailing list, you’ll see updates throughout the next few months.  For those who would like to receive updates, please email us at  info@writersonlineclasses.com, and we will add you to our e-mail list.

This is not goodbye!  This is see you soon!

And here we are again!

Launching the New Year 2015 Online Class by Mary O’Gara
Begins December 29, 2014

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Online Class Description: Launching the New Year 2015

Let’s celebrate the New Year a little early and launch it as the best year ever.   Launching the New Year 2015 is a fast-paced workshop that begins December 29th and provides tools for making the whole year an adventure in growth and personal and professional mastery.

As soon as you register, you’ll begin receiving emails with questions and forms to help you focus and visualize the successes you want for the New Year.   Then on December 29th, the entire workshop becomes available so you can work at your own pace and in your own sequence.  (Plotters may want to take things in order, but the pantsers and puzzlers among you can pick and choose by the mood of the day.)   All the material will be available through February 15th to give you plenty of time to work through all the material and save what you like.

In addition to the emails and the do-it-your-way workshop material, you’ll have access to a private Facebook page for brainstorming and sharing ideas with your fellow students.  You’ll be able to communicate privately with Mary, your instructor and coach for the workshop, as part of every lesson and you’ll also have a private client log for working with Mary as needed while you digest and work with the material from the workshop.

Among the topics in the New Year 2015 launch:
•    The universal energy patterns for the year, which gives you a marketing focus and understanding the impact of the year on your readers, clients, colleagues, family and friends.  We’ll look at astrology, tarot and numerology.
•    Your personal energy patterns for the year, which shows you how to plan your personal work to take advantage of the unique opportunities the year brings you.  Astrology, tarot, numerology and biorhythms.
•    Goal setting
•    Strategies for keeping your intentions alive throughout the year
•    Journal exercises to help you stretch your imagination and monitor your work
•    Resources to expand your joy and productivity in the new year.
•    And fun.  We’ll bring the spirit of play to everything we plan together for the new year.

INSTRUCTOR: Mary O’Gara is an experienced online instructor and co-founder of Writers Online Classes.   She’s an award-winning poet, columnist and short story writer and has been a working professional astrologer and psychic consultant since 1976.   Mary’s taken sabbatical time in recent months to complete certification programs and is now a life coach (CVACC) and a Certified Creativity Coach.

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Who We Are

WritersOnlineClasses.com is the joint venture  of Mary O’Gara and Diana Rowe at the encouragement (and a little prodding) of many friends and fellow writers.  Mary and Diana first met through the online RWA Kiss of Death (KOD) Chapter, developing a friendship that extended through many KOD volunteer stints including serving as COFFIN Coordinators and fellow Co-Presidents. Even with all that stress and excitement , the two, both originally from Iowa, continue to remain close friends.

With a Ph.D. and more than three decades as a professional astrologer and psychic behind her, Mary is a popular online paranormal instructor who writes two monthly astrology columns.   She is a creativity coach and offers both online classes and individual coaching for writers and artists.
Member of the prestigious Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), Diana’s day job as a freelance travel writer keeps her traveling to all corners of the world. Diana’s published short fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and her as-yet-unpublished novel-length romance and chick lit creations have garnered numerous awards.
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